Shipping & Cancellation Policy

We are so sure that you will like our services, that there is no long-term service contract. You are free to discontinue at any time. This is a brief and easy to read summary of our cancellation policy.We would really enjoy serving you so please call us at 858-208-3100 to talk with a representative about our services.

Subscription Period

The subscription period is month to month and you will not be charged a cancellation fee for terminating your subscription. Refunds will be given if you decide to cancel within the first month of subscribing.  After the first month, we will not refund a full or prorated portion of a current month's subscription fee once it has been processed; however, you can avoid paying for an additional month of service by cancelling prior to next payment.

Design and Implementation Fee

We invest a great deal of time and effort into creating a one of a kind design that is specifically for your needs, therefore; the one time design and implementation fees are not refundable.

Content and Design

If you cancel, your customized site will be disabled and cease to exist. As per contract agreement, any permissible data / content will be released to you upon request with a given a grace period of 5 days past the end of the last subscription month. Additional data such as history, logs and transaction history can be obtained in Excel file format. not responsible for storing content or data longer than the 5 day grace period.


If you terminate your subscription / membership or any service, will not transfer or share the files or system with you or another provider. As stated above, you will have full access to permissible data / content for 5 days past the expiration.

Full Terms and Conditions

This is a brief and easy to read summary of our cancellation policy. If you decide to subscribe, a full set of terms and conditions will be presented to you prior to purchase.

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