Partner with Us is a job platform that specializes in and focuses on recruitment solutions in the mobile application development field, and we provide manpower resources in Mobile App Development areas on platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, to name a few. Whether the position is temporary or permanent, we make it our goal to find the right match. With active operations currently in the USA, Canada, the UK and India, we cater to cater to a wide range of clients that include organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and we are aiming to expand our presence across the globe. As part of our expanding business operations, we are selectively partnering with local placement and staffing agencies to help us in providing quality manpower resources for Fortune 500 companies. So, while we would give them an international platform to work on, they would give us local exposure. With this backdrop, we wish to explore opportunities with you to provide recruitment solutions for the IT and Mobile App Industry, that would be mutually beneficial.

How the Partnership works:

While we wish to expand our business, we also want it to be beneficial to you. So as our partners, you would harvest the gains as much as we would. By partnering with established staffing / placement / Virtual Recruiting organizations, we wish to provide qualified Mobile App Development professionals to our clients. And through a split partnership of the revenue that is likely to be generated out of the efforts in the process, the deal would be advantageous to both parties. The partner companies are expected to have an established office location with a minimum of 2 HR executives and one Sales & Marketing Executive or an Account Manager that can work with’s representative. This condition, however, is relaxed or negotiable if you wish to enroll as a virtual recruiter. provides access to its portals for utilizing the clients and resume databases, and also the platform to help with recruitment, and the partner may freely to utilize these resources to carry out the IT/non-IT Recruitment process.

And What Do Partners Gain?

For every successful placement made through the partnership, the revenue will be shared as per the Split Partnership agreement. There are three levels at which Split Partnership works:

Platinum Partnership

Provides a team of 6 recruiters, 2 sales representatives and 1 account manager. The Partner will be given a 60% split share in the revenue generated.

Gold Partnership

Provides a team of 4 recruiters, 1 sales representatives and 1 account manager. The Partner will be given a 50% split share in the revenue generated.

Silver Partnership

Provides a team of 2 recruiters and 1 sales representative or account manager. The Partner will be given a 30% split share in the revenue generated.

For those who wish to work as Virtual Recruiters, the percentage split varies between 25% and 50%, depending on the services provided. This is ideally suited for HR professionals/freelancers who wish to work remotely, and have the required experience. If this mode of partnership interests you, please don’t hesitate in calling us at
+1-858-877-3306. You could also write to us at We would be more than happy to hear from you, and would love to help you in deciding on a partnership that would suit you best.

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